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I went to a local Firestone in Norristown Pa, for a tire that had a slow leak. I took my car to a local firestone near my place of employment.

After waiting for about an hour a mechanic came out to tell me that my tire could not be repaired and I had to buy not 1 but 2 new tires for the back of my Honda CR-V, which would cost be $400.00 plus tax.

I told the mechanic this was too expensive and asked why he could not replace the 1 tire that had the slow leak,and I come back later for the second tire .The mechanic said he could not do that so I asked the mechanic to put my tire back on my car and I would take my business somewhere else. That same day I went to another Tire company they repaired my slow leak and I was advised Firestone was trying to scam me to get money for 2 brand new tires.

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My name is Tom and I am from the Firestone Complete Auto Care Corporate Offices. I have read through your review of our Norristown location and would like to apologize if any misdiagnosis was made.

At times more than one tire is highly suggested if the vehicle is AWD or the tires have significant wear. If one tire is replaced on the rear, the new tire is larger than the old tire on the other side of the axle. This situation can lead to vehicle handling problems, as the larger tire travels more distance during rotations than the smaller one and can cause a pull along with transaxle issue. However, I would be happy to investigate the matter further.

Please message me at social@bfrc.com with your review posted here and the invoice number from your service (if available).

This way we can get management involved and hopefully regain your trust.

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