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First thing if your ever end up taking your car there, make sure u take it to another place to double check their work.

Took the car to replace the clutch and they started recommending replacing old seals and routine things, and then it got worse, couldn't drive the car for more than few days till I couldn't drive it more than two blocks,

They charged more than $3000

Double charged me for parts, put in labor for things that they messed up.

Damaged thing during installation and tried to hide it.

Took the car to another garage tires international, and I showed them the long receipt from firestone, they took pictures and pointed out that there are some factory seals that weren't even changed and I was charged for it.

Took the receipts and the picture to another head mechanic in another garage and explained to me that it a common mistake that inexperienced mechanics falls for, which made the second receipt which was for $1518.45 is work they're trying to fix their own mistakes with my money!!

Monetary Loss: $3069.

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Delmar, New York, United States #911622

This is why I do everything myself. Have a bunch of old fords and saved thousands over the years.

Those labor prices are insane. And mechanics are real crooks if they see someone who don't know.

Rare to see a 4.6L engine leak from valve cover seals( I don't see a head gasket). There are L and R gaskets. I have one from 95 and still dry.

Who knows though.

At that mileage the rear end could be leaking. That bill is very dishonest though.

The clutch though I would probably bring in cause you have to drop the trans.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #746508

I would be interested in why you needed a head gasket replaced with a clutch replacement. That's on two totally different sides of the engine. One on top, the other on the bottom back.

to KingsfordCat #746567

The clutch was starting to go off, and the head gasket they said it was cracked and they can replace it, but what i dont get, is why is in the receipt, its saying a set so thats two, why was I charged for two?

Is there a way to post pictures here, the se,o.d garage that i took my car to, took picture, of the things they found.

Btw fhey left one of the screws on the headgasket wiithout its rubber washer thing, the piece of rubber that you put it befor u tighten the bolt.. i mean getting paided that much and still lazy enough to leave something out, even if it was that small.


Are you an ***? Dont ever go to these fast lube places they are bs.

u need to find a independent shop that deals with your car model, or become a diy'er as i have done. I just did a timing belt on a dual cam volvo interference engine with waterpump,tensioners, and idler pulleys, I did the whole pcv job.

this is a 1994 volvo 850 turbo btw. I wouldnt be able to own it if i couldnt fix it myself.

to Hanzbe420 #746316

Well that work was done on an 04 mustang gt, and i was taking summer classes there i had to find a place that can fix it, and i had to pick a place that when i drive back to kansas, i can a branch of them here if i needed to.

And good for you, you can do some work on your own car. None of what you said was helpful.



My name is Tom and I am from the Firestone Complete Auto Care Corporate Office. I have read through your concerns and would like to see if I can be of assistance.

Please message me at social@bfrc.com so that we can get management involved to look at your air conditioning.

Please include the invoice number from one of your A/C services in your message and your comments posted here. I also would like to advise that your warranty is also valid at any of our corporate owned locations if the Homestead location has been unable to do so yet.

to robin hoodlum #746187

No thank yoh, that was the last time i will ever step a foot in a firestone store.

And btw i just noticed since you mentioned it, my ac never worked the same after taking it there, my heater was working fine ever since i got it, and i never had to use to since the summer but when it get cold it was doing it job properly, now it feels like something is wrong with it. And its taking a lot longer for it to heat it even when its o. Max

Naples, Florida, United States #746036

Contact your state office of the attorney general & file a complaint, which you can probably do online. I would also see the area prosecutor. You might also involve a local TV station trouble shooter.

to Lyn #746189

Thank you, thats what i'm doin right now

to Albahr Chicago, Illinois, United States #746507

I sincerely wish you luck. Sometimes you have to put your trust out there and it gets walked on.

I learned my lesson about Firestone.

Not to the bill as you though. Close, but not there.

I'll never step foot inside their store again.

to KingsfordCat #746568

The thing is i was worned about going there, but i had no choice but to pick a plae, close to where i was staying, and when i go back to kansas i would still find a branch of the company.

The whole thing i think started is when wanted to fix a really tiny old leak in the pinion seal. I drove from manhattan kansas to connecticuf twice in the last year.

So if my car had all these things wrong with it, would make it that far and it was a none stop trip, only for gas and food, more than 24 hrs drive

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