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A few weeks ago i brought my car in for a routine oil change to the Jensen Beach, FL location. Shortly after leaving my car began to make a horrible knocking noise from under the hood.

I immediately pulled the car over and called firestone and explained to them what was going on and they told me if i could to bring the car back. After keeping the car overnight they said that the car was undriveable and needed to be towed to the nearest dealer where i later found out that my engine "Threw a rod" and needed to be replaced. After 2 weeks went by firestone finally got back to me and said that they would not be claiming responsibility for damages thus i am now stuck without a vehicle. The tech that worked on my car said that he had noticed a noise under the hood when he started the car but failed to report it to me and the only thing the General Manager had to stay is that this was a common problem for my model car after an oil change is done.

This is completely unacceptable. Ive never had ANY problems with my car until i brought it to firestone.

I dont know what they did to cause this but i intend to do everything in my power to see that they replace my engine. STAY AWAY FROM FIRESTONE!

Review about: Firestone Complete Auto Care Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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My name is Tom and I am with the Firestone Complete Auto Care Corporate Offices. I have been informed by our claims deparment that your concerns were investigated. After review and investigation, we have concluded that the damage caused to your vehicle was not in direct result of the work performed at the Firestone store.

According to the independent inspection report conducted by Nationwide Inspections, there was no evidence present to suggest the current engine problem was caused by, or in any way related to the previous oil change service performed at Firestone Aug. 16th, 2013.

That being said, please message us at or contact your claims advisor if any additional documentation is found or teardown performed that suggests our service as the cause of failure.

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What did the dealer say might have caused the engine to "throw a rod?" Follow this link with some answers as to why an engine would do this:

Did the dealer say there was oil in the engine or little to none? If no oil, then Firestone probably messed up and is responsible. If so, it is attorney time. However, the dealer is your best bet on the reason for this happening. By the way, Firestone was feeding you a line of nonsense by saying it was a common problem for your model car after an oil change.

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