930 E Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283, USA
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On 09/09/2018 i had an appointment with my local Firestone in Tempe Address: 930 E Baseline Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283. I have been a customer for over 15 years and have found the service and care had been coming to a decline. My apt on this day was at 10AM- i took my car in for a vibration i felt coming from my tires. Weird because i had taken it into a location in scottsdale for my threads running low just a few months ago before the 1 year free replacement time expired on the tires i purchased through firestone. Address: 13802 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254. Here is where i felt cheated, I took my car into the location in Scottsdale for an oil change, new tire aside from the two front tires i had already purchased prior so now 3 tires through firestone, and to purchase the 1 year alignment package. They told me my tires looked like they went through a construction zone? ... Assuming because this indicated that my two front tires should be replaced. I pick up my car in scottsdale several hours after drop off and am told all the work is completed. Tires looked clean but still the same old tired he insulted earlier were still on my car... Let's move forward a few months. I went into the location off Baseline in Tempe and spoke to Ryan and mentioned i was in for my apt that i booked because my tires are vibrating and a high mileage oil change... THREE hours go by while i wait in the waiting room before my car was even taken into the shop. Why make an appointment? After i wait, Ryan came out to the waiting area to ask which car i was waiting for... he came by a little after and said my car would be coming up shortly. While i have seen walk in's get their car serviced before mine. I was irate at this point but did not take it out on Ryan why was just doing his job. Assuming when he came back to tell me that my car was going to be done now 1:30 (3.5 hours after appointment time) I ask if my tired would be replaced? .... he forgot to add that into the notes. He comes back 10 minutes later and tells me i need new tires and that my cost would be a ridiculous amount. Why am i being charged for new tires when Firestone in Scottsdale should have changed out my tires like i asked them to??? i have to pay more because one of your employees wanted to cheat me?

Ryan at the Tempe location was not so calm and collected at discussing things with customers. When his manager Aldo (who said i should leave and deal with the Scottsdale location as if you are all not affiliated) overheard what was going on he tried to come in and give his feedback not to help but to give me a reason why i had to pay money, I feel cheated and do not feel that i should have to pay for what the warranty should have covered when i took it to them originally. Someone please help. I can not afford to keep purchasing warranties on tires and be cheated out of the benefit when i need it. Can i get $143.52credited back to me since it was not honored.

invoice number 166940

store number 011959

Can someone contact me at (951)479-6039

or jimmyp1024@aol.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Firestone Complete Auto Care Tire Warranty.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $372.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Firestone Complete Auto Care Cons: Amount of time i had to wait for my scheduled appointment, Warranty not being honored, Damaged tires left unserviced, Condescending manager, Always being seen as a cash cow.

  • Warranty And Customer Service
  • Refund
  • Rude And Incinsiderate
  • Warranty
  • Condenscending
  • Unfair
  • Tire Defects
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James I feel your frustration, the same person called me when I filed a complaint against Valero gas station, some guy with a British accent and he proceeded to call me names a threaten me. So frustrating.

BSRO Social

Hello James, We definitely understand your frustration and would like to offer our assistance. Please, email us at, socialcare@bfrc.com, with the details you have provide here.

This is to ensure your privacy. We value you as a Firestone customer, and hope to hear from you soon.^Kristyn

@BSRO Social

on 09/10/2018 i was contacted from this number (252) 623-3447 to discuss the complaint. While "Ron" was listening to my complaint he was transferring me to the escalations manager.

He placed me on hold while transferring. So he thought... He speaks to "Deb" about the situation and said nothing to her other than these exact words "He's being a little whiny *** about is tires" I came on the line and said "you do realize i can hear you?" Ron immediately transferred me through and hung up. I confront Deb about what i heard and she at first denied it, i asked if the calls were recorded she said yes they were, They are trained professionals.

I said so your trained to call people Whiny little *** She then called me a whiny *** and that i was talking to a lady. She is no lady, no class!

Why would someone call me to resolve this but yet call me a little whiny *** multiple times. Call this number to verify (252) 623-3447 i am in shock at this treatment.

BSRO Social

We are truly sorry to hear of the way you have been treated, James. We take matters like this very seriously.

We have escalated this to our management team and you will be contacted shortly. Thank you for reaching out to Firestone.^Kristyn