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I took my car there on September 29th to have front brakes and rotors checked and they told me they needed to be changed. So I got the car back and it is making the same noise.

3 days later I took it back they told me the back brakes was causing the noise so I had another company do the work. Now the noise is still there so I took it back for the 3rd time with same results 2 techs and the manager said they didn't hear a noise. So I took a tech on a test drive with me and he finally said oh that's just the sound the metallic brake pads make. Really??!!!

So I gave them 400 dollars to only listen to the same noise when I come to a complete stop. Wow way to go Firestone I will not be coming back for any services no time soon and I will be sure to spread the word about this great service you have.

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We understand your frustration regarding this brake service. If you would like to discuss this with us, we would be happy to offer our assistance.

Please, email us at, socialcare@bfrc.com, with full details, your contact information, and your invoice number. Thank you for choosing Firestone, we look forward to your email.^Kristyn

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Lol your just replied to control negitive complaints