7895 Greenback Ln, Citrus Heights, CA 95610, USA
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I brought my vehicle in and ask them to fix whatever the noise was they charged me $1,400 put tires on my car and told me that my vehicle was unsafe to drive I left their shop with no oil I asked them to do a full inspection on the vehicle ask them what charge $1,400 on my credit card and they towed my vehicle back to their place my vehicle has been in their place for over three weeks and yesterday I went to go pick up my vehicle they told me that there was no work done on my vehicle and I asked them what in the world is going on they still have my vehicle and told me that they will try to fix it by noon I'm very upset and I do want my money back this $1,400 cost more than my vehicle they can have my vehicle at this point I've already had to take it to a muffler repair shop and a another mechanic to 5 days after they work on it I'm very nauseous and upset due to the fact that I just had a newborn baby and they have not give me my vehicle back I want my money back and I need to speak to somebody ASAP I've called corporate once and complain they told them to fix my vehicle I recorded conversations with these people and I need to speak to somebody as fast as possible about my money and why they they took $1,400 which shut my bank down and put me in $90 in the negative

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BSRO Social

Hello! We are very sorry to hear about the negative experience you have had at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care Center.

We can only imagine your frustration at not having your vehicle back as of yet. We would like to look into this matter further for you. Will you please email us at socialcare@bfrc.com with your contact information, the store's location, and the reference number that you were given by corporate?

Thank you for choosing Firestone and we hope to hear back from you soon. ^Katrina

@BSRO Social

My name is Candice Leach my vehicle is terrible and has been running worse than ever this check engine lights that are on then not seem to be running very well at all I need to get this issue resolved very quickly I believe that I've been not only overcharged but they made my vehicle lot worse than it was before it was tired from my house to the shop they promise to fix it with no response vehicle is worse than ever and I tried to drive it to see if maybe it was a driving cycle but no the vehicle not even running better than it was when they took it

@BSRO Social

My car is running worse than it was when I dropped it off and now I'm just burnt on the whole thing now my vehicles parked and I've can't drive it its not safe in any means fixed in any way shape or form matter of fact my vehicles and worst condition then it was the check engine light is on and it has not gone back off there's multiple lights going on my Dash and my ob2 sensor is reading codes that are crazy I can't believe they charge me $1,800 and my vehicle is worse I want my money back

@Candace leach

They are nothing but hacks