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On May 8th, I went to Firestone auto care in Las Vegas NV, 1955 Rock Springs Drive, to replace my 2004 Toyota Corolla brakes. Examining my paperwork a few days later, I have noticed that it was marked as “recommended” that I replace my right front tire.

I came back on 06/12/19 to replace the tire and asked them to inspect the left front tire as well. They confirmed again that the tire is fine and needs no replacing and all my tires, including the left front tire, are perfectly fine. On May 12th, I was driving on 215 West in Las Vegas Nevada, when the tire, which the Firestone mechanics refused to replace, blew away and shredded the front of my car. Because of the very fortunate circumstances, and because I was driving in the right lane, I was able to stop safely without hitting other vehicles.

I have filed a claim through my insurance company and also at Firestone Complete Auto Care (auto care indeed!). My insurance informed me that due to extensive damage to my vehicle caused by the tire, the car would be totaled. When speaking to the assigned Firestone claim adviser Roberto Lamanna, #615.937.9149, lamannaroberto@bfusa, Roberto was quite rude, dismissive, refused to take an effort to understand the problem, and tried to tell me that I need to contact the company that manufactured the tire. When I told him that my complain is about their technicians refusing to replace the compromised tire and making me falsely believe that my tire is safe, he became irritated and refused to contact my insurance company, stating that it is against the Firestone policy to talk to anyone but a customer.

When I firmly insisted, he clearly became annoyed and reluctantly agreed to call my insurance company and send a representative to inspect the tire. I will never know if that is what happened because I have not received any updates. Two weeks later, I have requested an update. I received an email from Roberto stating that the tire inspection was never requested by me at the Firestones (I have both receipts from the Firestone on my phone application), and that their actions did not cause my accident.

These blatant lies were sent to me in an email on 07/10/2019.

Because of the Firestone mechanics unable to inspect the tire properly, I also had to pay $500.00 deductible to my insurance company against my insurance claim. Not only will I not go to Firestone or Bridgestone to service my car ever againI will make sure that everyone knows that his or her life might depend on finding better mechanics than Firestone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Firestone Complete Auto Care Car Diagnostics.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Consumer A

Hello, we are sincerely sorry to hear that you have not heard back from our claims department regarding the tire blow out. I can understand your frustration, and we'd like to help get you further assistance with this matter.

Please email us at with your contact information, the store's address, and a summary of your review.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we hope to hear back from you soon. ^Katrina

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