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On 5/12/2018 my car broke down in Pa. while I was visiting my family for Mother’s Day. I am a resident of Maryland. I was sitting at a light in Bethlehem, Pa. with my children in the car and I heard a loud sound and then my car wouldn’t move. I had my car towed to a local Firestone. (1751 Airport Rd. Allentown, Pa.) On 5/13/2018 they diagnosed my car and said that I needed a new transmission and both my axel's were broken. They said it would cost $7288.93 for a new transmission and axles and $3260 for a used transmission from a junk yard, and 2 new axles. Just a little over a year prior to this incident I had my transmission rebuilt. Which was now out of warranty. I found it odd that there would be something wrong with the transmission so soon, as I don’t put many miles on my car. On 5/14/2018 I called the company that originally rebuilt the transmission and they in turn called and spoke to the technician at Firestone and asked them some questions about the symptoms they were experiencing. After hearing Firestone describe the symptoms with the car, my technician in Md. said that it did not sound like a transmission problem. Firestone insisted that it was the transmission. The diagnosis that Firestone gave me differs greatly from the diagnosis that my mechanic gave me and he was diagnosing this with Firestone over the phone. I was extremely upset. I had just paid my car off. I wasn't sure what to do. Buy a new car and have my broken car towed to a local junk yard or put the $7000 in my car. The technician at Firestone told me the tow back to Md. would be over $500 if I wanted to get it back to my house. At that point, by the recommendation of my technician in Md., I had my car towed back to him so he could look at it. Within 30 min of receiving my car, my technician had it fixed. It was a broken axle ONLY. And only one axle was broken, not two. The transmission was completely fine. I found this to be very upsetting! I called the Firestone district manager and he told me that Firestone does not even work on Transmissions and he could not understand why the local Firestone would even diagnose a transmission and then give me a quote to get the transmission repaired when they do NOT do that. · Why would Firestone tell me my transmission needed to be replaced when the transmission is working properly with no issues?

· Why would Firestone quote me $7288.93 to replace my transmission when they don’t even do that type of work?

· The only conclusion that I can determine is that Firestone was going to the collect the $7288.93 from me and only fix the broken axle and tell me that they also replaced the transmission and the second axle.

I am very concerned with the way Firestone handled this. It seems to me that they were trying to take advantage of a single mother that was far from home with a car that wasn’t working. I would have never expected a large company like Firestone with the reputation that they have and with all the commercials I see about how honest the company is to take advantage of a mother on Mother’s day who is desperate for her car so she can travel back home! My friends and family are horrified by these actions. How many other unsuspecting customers has this Firestone taken advantage of? One of the options I considered was buying a new car and letting them take my broken car to the junk yard instead of having to pay for the large tow bill and all the expense of the repair. That would have been a disaster considering it was only a $200 repair. Firestone also told me they would not have tested my transmission prior to replacing it, if they actually would have replaced it at all. It would have just been taken out and throw away. So I would have paid $7000 for a perfectly good working transmission.

· Is this the only Firestone that handles business like this?...or is this the typical procedure for Firestone?

I really feel consumers need to be warned about Firestone In hopes that no one else gets taken advantage of. I was offered $300 from Firestone to not go public with this information. But I declined.

Product or Service Mentioned: Firestone Complete Auto Care Car Diagnostics.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hello,We are truly sorry to hear of this issue concerning a service performed at our, Allentown store. We would be happy to look into this for you.

Please, email us at, socialcare@bfrc.com, with the details you have provided here, your contact information, and any applicable invoice number(s). We value you as a Firestone customer, and look forward to your response.^Kristyn

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