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Two months ago i got an oil change for $27. Two days ago it costs me $47.80 for same year and model of car although different car.

The new female manager told me she would do least expensive oil change but couldnt give me an estimate for oil change.

I argued about paying price and she said it was too late i couldnt do price match I had to pay in full. A price match would have been $9.99 at dealership.

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I bought 4 new Firestone tire with a 60,000 mile warranty on them. I was told they now need to be placed at only 23,000 miles.

I also asked them to check my brack pads 4 weeks ago and they claim that the pads were fine. I have lifetime brake pads warranty. I was told by Firestone that my tyrod was bad and needed to be placed. So I took it to my dealership Ford because my car was still under warranty.

Ford told me it was fine. I took it to another ford dealership and they also said the rod was fine but. My car has been shaking when I drive it.. not all the time but it happens and I brought it to ford and they told me it was the rotors because I had zero brake pad.

How could Firestone tell me that my brakes pads were fine.. and within 1 month they are metal on metal. I have my tire rotated and alignment done when due to check my tires in working conditions. They want to charge me for 4 tires when I just bought 4 from them 23,000 mile ago and the tires were 60,000 mile tires.

They tried telling me they will through in free brake pads when I just finished telling him I already paid for lifetime brake pads. They are just trying to con me into buying unnecessary parts and replace tires at my cost when they should be giving me them since I only drove 23,000 miles out of the 60,000 mile expected from them. I also now need a new rotor because they neglected to change my brake pads with I asked them too and now the rotors are damaged. This is all one big mess that stems from Firestone not doing the job right the first time.

This seems to happen more then you would think since I heard another angry customer telling them to take down his car from the lift because they are putting unauthorized parts on and parts that didnt need replacing. The customer took his car another mechanic shop.

Firestone needs to step up and take responsibility and treat customer with better respect. At the the one on Broadway near the ford dealership in centennial Colorado needs better training.


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Hello, We understand your frustration and would like to have the opportunity to help. Please, send us an email to, socialcare@bfrc.com, with full details, your contact information, and your invoice number. Thank you for choosing Firestone, we look forward to your email.^Kristyn