Car was cutting off in the middle of traffic so I had it towed to Firestone the next day! They called explaining other things had to be done so I gave the okay to fix all problems!

Picked up my car when it was ready, about 6 mins down the road my car was doing the same thing! Called the store the lady was not concerned at all and pretty much making it seem like they did their job so the rest was on me to fix!! Finally got it to crank again and made it to the store the same lady was being rude saying they test drove and nothing was wrong! Clearly something is still wrong if its doing the same thing as before!

They found the problem.. a brand new part they put on was leaking and I still dnt understand that if its NEW!! Got in my car for the SECOND time and still same problem and the check engine light is back on!! At this point, I dont think no one has put new parts on my car or performed any diagnostics as stated!!

I spent a lil over $900 plus $300 to tow! I cnt keep spending towing fees to bring my car bk to Firestone where Im GUARANTEED to be fixed the FIRST TIME as the policy states!! Smh this is ridiculous and I want a refund so I can take my car to a company who isnt standing around tlkn and not concerned about whats going on with my vehicle!!! This is TWICE I couldve had an accident in traffic!!

Then call customer care and still have to wait 48hrs for contact which is ridiculous cause my car needs to be done now, if I just paid for services!! So now I have to get help moving my car somewhere safe! I picked the wrong company to take my car for services!! I basically gave away free money today and still no freaking car!!!!!

All this happened in ONE DAY not even hours apart!!! Still dnt have my car fixed cause theyre closing and no manager on duty to address my problem!!!

They dont deserve the one star rate!! Smh Do not go to Firestone for service!!

Location: Grapevine, Texas

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To the person that had the problem with their car shutting off at different times and the engine light coming on. I had the same problem with my Pontiac grand prix.

The problem was my Ignition Control Module. It cost me 465.00.

Car works great and I didn't take it to Firestone. Hope this helps.


Hello, we are sorry to hear that the service at our store did not resolve the issue. We would be happy to assist you with this matter.

Please, send us an email to, socialcare@bfrc.com, with full details, your contact information, and your invoice number.

We value your business with Firestone, and hope to hear from you. ^Kristyn

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