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Hi, I want to provide feedback on my recent visit to one of your locations and would appreciate a timely response. We had an appt at 1PM today and it is now 5:25 and our car is still not finished.

It is 100 degrees outside and Ive had to sit in the car this whole time with my kids because they will not allow them in the AC without a mask. I was told they had the tires three different times to then find out they had to drive 1.5 hrs away to retrieve them. There has been no communication on their half. I have had to come into the store multiple times to ask what the news is now.

The tires got here at 4 which is the time everything was supposed to be done so then I was told 4:30. Then I was told 5, and now Im being told 5:45. My paperwork says it would be done by 2:30. This is not okay.

There has been no apology and when I expressed how I felt he told me I can give you your keys and you can leave.

The tire is split open and it is not safe to drive on so that is not an option- however, I wish it was. This is unacceptable.

User's recommendation: Go somewhere else.

Location: Pasadena, California

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Hello, we are sorry to hear of your long wait for tire service. We would like to address this with our team.

Please, send us an email to, socialcare@***.com, with full details, your contact information, and your invoice number.

Thank you for choosing Firestone, we hope to hear from you soon. ^Kristyn

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