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I bought a Penney's Lifetime Warranted Car Battery over 40 years ago. Firestone bought out the JC Penney Auto Repair Stores around 1970.

About every five years I have replaced the battery. It generally take an hour or so to track down where I have to take my car for replacement. For example: I called the last Firestone store I got a battery from and the person there didn't know anything about the program. I called Penney's and they don't know anything either.

(This is part of the hour long process). I found a customer service number, 800 367-**** for Firestone and was greeted by Charla. Amazing! She knew exactly what I was talking about and called the closest Firestone store for me and gave the manager the information he would need to replace the battery.

Thank you Charla. You are the first person in the 54 years that I have owned my car that could help me in record time. The ball has been passed to Wade at the Fountain Valley, CA store by Charla.

He was supposed to call me. We will see how Wade does.

Product or Service Mentioned: Firestone Complete Auto Care Battery Warranty.

Location: Garden Grove, California

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Just wondering if you were successful in getting your battery replaced under warranty?? I am in about the same situation.

I bought my lifetime battery from JC Penney back in the seventies also. I've had a few replaced over the years and need another one right now. When I went in to the Firestone store a few weeks ago (that has replaced a couple for me already) they looked me up in their system and told me that I bought the last one and there is nothing more they can do!! The frustrating thing is I can't find the original receipt.

I think they kept it last time I was there years ago but they did affix a sticker on top of the battery that states "Replacement for a JC Penny Lifetime Battery". I'm thinking that may be enough??

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