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I had gone to Firestone Autocare for several needs, and I was, at the time, very happy with the service I recieved. I had my ball joint and wheel bearing replaced on my driver front side.

These were replaced within approximately 2 months of each other. I decided to take my car elsewhere, to get a second opinion of a job that was recommended to me, and because my driver front side was still making noises after those repairs. Well, turns out the parts that were used were bad quality. I have already had to replace them.

And, i found out that my driver side knuckle was BARELY hanging on. One bad pot hole would have broken it. Now, instead of reccomending it to be fixed, i was told my half shaft needs to be fixed, which is a 900$ job. I took my car elsewhere, to NTB, and my halfshaft is fine.

My wheel bearing and ball joint i just replaced are garbage, and the knuckle is trash. I JUST replaced those two parts, and here i am, replacing them again. I don't drive far enough to wear out a ball joint and wheel bearing in a Kia Rio within two months. So why am I replacing these parts already?

Why was i not advised to replace the broken knuckle, that could have broken on the highway and killed me, but instead advised to replace the half shaft boot that was in much better condition? And i understand that every part cannot be checked, but the guys at NTB took my tire off and realized my knuckle was broken right away. I am furious that i had to replace parts, that i JUST bought. Im paying off 1400$ of work on a firestone credit card, and i had to blow another 1000$ today to replace those bad parts.

I will never go to another Firestone in my life.

And i am reccomending friends and family not to go as well. Dont trust them, they might use lousy car parts in your car.

Product or Service Mentioned: Firestone Complete Auto Care Car Part Replacement.

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