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SO last Friday 8/2/16 I had Firestone put on 2 new tires on my car. I had them rotate the 2 new tires and put them on the front of my car.

After they got done I took it home and happened to see indents on the only 2 rims on the new tires from where whatever machine they hook up to take the rim off or spin the rims, I noticed damage on my rims. So the next morning, 8/3/16 I went back and talked to the manager. He and to auto techs (Including the guy who *** my rims up) looked at it. They had nothing to say about it because they know they *** up.

So the manager brought me inside and looked online for my rims and the costs. Of course these rims are very hard to find through 3rd party sites. The only place he could get 2 new rims is through the chevy dealership. He told me to give him contact information so I did He told me that he'd call me back that same day and tell me if he called the dealership after he gets a quote and we will have something worked out.

So, I waited for 2 days. So yesterday I went in and talked to the tech guy at the service desk. I was polite and asked him politely if his manager left a note or told him anything bc he never called me back bc apparently Firestone just wants to *** my *** and all of there other loyal customers! So the tech said, "No he didn't leave anything but give me your contact information and Ill call you today and tell you if I got ahold of my manager and found out about your situation".

So again, I waited all day..... no *** call back even today 8/6 no *** call back. So I'm going to share the damage with you on this site. And when Firestone gets me my new rims, I hope to *** they don't damage them again because this is a pain in the *** ***!

So I'm going to call corp office tom with a quote from chevy (bc the manager can't *** do it) and give them a quote and the rim serial number. I hope those *** get talked to because its the worst *** service ever!

Contact me, and ask for my information and I will give the managers full name and location is in title.


Pissed off customer!

This reviewer shared experience about "you damage my shit, and i go into firestone twice, give contact info twice! no one calls my fucking ass back. not professional whatsoever! " and wants this business to "i will get quote from dealership tomorrow and take it to that store and give them it because the *** manager couldn't do it like he said!". This person is overall dissatisfied with Firestone Complete Auto Care and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about firestone complete auto care tire rotation at Firestone Complete Auto Care was service, automobile damaged and faulty service Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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