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I've been a loyal customer of Firestone for over 10 years and I warn you to never bring your vehicle to FIRESTONE.I am done!!

They have stolen my money for the last time! Over the years, I've forgiven them again and again. But no more! At different times, they've held my vehicle hostage and charged me significantly more what I requested they fix and refused to return my vehicle until I pay for the services that I did not request for them to do.

Then last night, my tire popped in front of Firestone on I-45 in Conroe, Texas. So, I walked inside and requested help. The 3 men behind the counter seemed to be relaxing and said "we're too busy and we'll be closing in 1 hour so why don't you try WAL*MART" (which was 1/2 to 1 mile away and my vehicle had a flat tire in front of Firestone). The tire was still under warranty by Firestone but they said they could not push it into their lot even though it was about 5 feet in front of their lot.

Then when they closed, they all walked by my children and me even though I said we have no way to get home (45 minutes away) and we had no way to fix our tire. My children and I were stranded in front of Firestone until 1am (when I originally broke down in front of Firestone at 6pm). The firestone guys suggested I ask WAL*MART for help because they were too busy (again, I did not see them doing any work for over an hour--they appeared to be socializing with each other). Also, whenever I go into Firestone and ask them to get my free tire rotation, they ALWAYS say, they only have time for PAID services such as oil changes and tuneups and to "come back another time" for the rotation.

Once they get your money, they want nothing to do with you. When I broke down in front of Firestone yesterday and told them my Firestone tire popped and that I was a regular customer, they never even looked up my vehicle before telling me they were too busy to help me and my children in any way. It was shockingly unbelievable. Then, when I called this morning, the manager said he would have handled it the same way as his staff.

He went further to say that even though he could see my vehicle in front of Firestone and even though he found the keys in his overnight box, he could not have his staff push it the 5 feet into his car bay. That **I** needed to do it myself (even though it is 1.5 hours roundtrip from my house to Firestone). When I told him my young children and I had to get a ride from an 18-wheeler driver at 1AM in order to get home the night before (after Firestone said they were too busy at 6pm when my tire popped in front of Firestone and after Firestone suggested I walk a mile to WAL*MART to buy parts to fix it myself in the parking lot), he said it has ALWAYS been his policy to not deal with vehicles that are not pushed or towed into the proper sections of their car bays. He said they don't have any ability to push it the 5 feet to the exact location he requires in order to "look at it".

It turns out my vehicle was just out of gas with a popped tire. Both of these issues should have been within Firestones ability to help me but both last night and today, they kept talking about "liability" and it "wasn't their problem". To abandon a loyal customer and a single mother is unacceptable. I have paid them over $12,000 (in ALL new brakes, new tires every 50K miles, tuneups, oil changes, car parts, service) over the past 10 years on 3 different vehicles.

More often than not, they took advantage of the fact that I'm a woman and FORCED me to pay for more than what I requested. For example, if I said I'd like an oil change (as I do every 3000 miles), when I'd come back to pick up the vehicle, they'd say that even though I only requested a $25 oil change, they determined that I needed $1,500 in brake work done and they would not return my vehicle until I paid them $1,500+ for calipers, new drums, etc., etc., etc. This has happened a few different times at different Firestone locations so it is how they operate. I am done.

Stay away! This happened at the 2 locations in Conroe, Texas. Last night, it was on the I-45, Conroe, Texas location. But it has also happened at the Davis Street , Conroe, Texas location as well as locations in other states.

The managers are *** artists and unethical *** artists!

Plus they charge just as much as the Honda dealer so it is best to go to the dealer rather than run the risk of getting robbed by Firestone!Stay away!

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Ok ..ha.To start with.

If so much trouble there. Why not call main headquarterd n report them?

Also.Sounds like bull ***.


You sound like a complete *** if you were broke down without a spare tire not to mention you were out of gas....you said you had kids...thanks for reproducing...ugh


So true I had a flat fit there and they gave me the tire back flat and it was not mine.


They had a bunch of kids working there (about 18 years old) last time I went, they ain't getting their mitts on my caddy.


If they were ripping you off all those years then why did you keep going there? They don't push your care and suddenly they've been ripping you off for 10 years. You just realized now that you've been a sucker for 10 years?

New York, New York, United States #1013653

Well, thanks my friend for let me know this.It's just not done, how can they do so and why you were tolerating that from such a long time.

I appreciate that you show your courage and post it. Finding a good servicing center is not easy at-all. Everyone desires for a care center that should be cheaper, nearer to their resident and provide good service but finding all these at a single one is not going to be true. I can suggest you of a servicing center that I am using.


It is located at Dallas. Hope it would be useful to you.



That us oathetic they arent supposed to fix things without an approval by you before and my partner is in a nitemare with them in several locations and i decided to google them . Thanks for the post.


That's insane.Get the *** out of Texas, and move to a place where women are treated like people.

You'd have gotten. Better service in Saudi Arabia. Also, do they have AAA in Texas. No more of that flat tire b.s.

Also it's illegal for them to hold your car.You need to call corporate for a settlement or get a lawyer.

Federal Way, Washington, United States #857097

I been a loyal customer for over 25 years years ago Firestone got caught ripping people off so I stayed away and went to Goodyear Tire I just came back a few years ago.I been charged for services that I didn't need or I pay for services that was not done.

I had a local mechanic to check and it was never done. Then Firestone had to do it again free. Then I had some problems with my car they check it out and said oh your car is fine?

Can they refuse a customer that has spent thousands of dollars to this business?I'm getting legal help.

Orange, California, United States #689114

I had a really bad service at both Firestone the one in Tustin and Taft and the one at Santa Ana I don't recommend anyone go there I paid more than 1000.00 and the problem got worst.My car makes a weird noise n I took it back to get checked they couldn't fix it and they were really ride.

What kind of service are we paying for ? I'm still making payments on the service. I spoke to the owner he said to take it back to get checked and I did I took it to the Firestone in Santa Ana and my ca was there from 7am till 5pm they wanted to charge an extra 700.

All they want is to take your money to top it off I oat my job I was supposed to be there at four but since my car wasn't ready I got fired.I don't recommend no one to go to any Firestone your better off at any Mexican mechanic their honest and won't charge you 120 for labor just to have your car sit there while they waste time.

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