Unfortunately, my wife and I faced as it seems like a discrimination case at a Firestone store in Louisiana. My wife (who wears Hijab) and I walked in to Firestone in Chalmette, LA on March 6, 2010 to get oil change.

We were denied service when the representative gladly accepted 2 (White) ladies before us and asked them to pick their car up after 30 minutes. When I asked him why he denied us service when he still have more than 2 hours to close, he failed to provide us a convincing answer. I emailed Firestone same day and their district manager contacted my the second day morning.

He conducted an investigation and the following is a recorded phone conversation telling me their final report. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5puqNTHWUhI

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Trust me i know.my husband work for firestone.they are the most racist company in memphis tn. Call ur bbb and eeoc office


firestone is the worst company for black,s to work for,they don,t promote or give raise,s to there black employee,s larry mcgee and gary garfeild know this company is racist

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There are approximately 1,600 company-owned Firestone Complete Auto Care locations and thousands of independent dealers who are called Firestone or a variation of Firestone (like Tim's Firestone).

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