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On Dec 7, 2010, I had my tires rotated and oil changed at the Firestone Service Center in Lawton, OK. After the work was completed, I got in my 2004 Ford Econoline 250 and drove off. After traveling about four blocks, I looked at the windshield to see the service sticker as to when my next oil change was due. To my surprise, there was no service sticker on the windshield. I went back to the Firestone Service Center and told the manager that I needed a service sticker. The manager installed a sticker on my windshield and I went on my way.

Ten days (Dec. 17, 2010) and 400 miles later, I heard what I thought was a hissing noise coming from the engine compartment. I opened the hood and I saw that the oil filler cap was laying on top of the radiator. The oil cap was dusty and so was the orifice of the oil filler tube indicating to me that some dirt had gotten into the engine. I immediately placed the cap on filler tube and called the service manager of the Firestone Service Center and informed about the cap being left off. He advised me to bring the vehicle back to shop for an oil change and a courtesy check.

I took my vehicle back to the shop on Dec 21, 2010. I informed the service advisor about oil dripping from the engine and leaving a stain on my driveway. The service advisor (Robert)said they would change the oil and clean the engine of excessive oil. They did not clean the engine or change the oil as promised, and only added oil as indicated on the service ticket.

By the way, my vehicle was serviced by the same technician who left the cap off in the first place. To make matters worse, the same technician left the oil filler cap off a second time as I checked my vehicle before leaving. I also told the service manager about this incident and he just looked dumbfounded and said he would probably have to fire the maintenance technician.

I'm not at all satisfied with their services and would not recommend them to anyone else because they did not change my oil or clean my engine as promised.

Tolbert Wyatt

Review about: Firestone Complete Auto Care Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Plano, Texas, United States #917883

I believe you - Not only in the Plano Location is the customer service terrible, but at the McDermott location also in Allen, TX.

Like you I will never again recommend anyone or ever go the any Firestone again.


Mr service worker, if you want a job in these hard times then perform the service and stop complaining or join the 14.1 milllion Americans out of work.The customer paid for a service they did not receive.

They have a right to complain.Numerous problems could have occured to their car because of the technician's incompentence.


way to be a a** and cause someone to lose their job in these hard times you could have put the cap on and been fine

to service worker #1025267

He does not deserve a job if he can not do it right. How about this happening to you and your engine has to be replaced? new perspective maybe?


Thank you for the opportunity to correct this situation. Would you mind sending an email to twitterfs@gmail.com with your contact information so that we may reach out to you directly?



Such incompetence and lack of care by Firestone!When the engine is operated with the oil filler cap removed, the PCV system will draw unfiltered air into the engine.

The particles in the unfiltered air will mix with the engine oil.You should stress this fact to Firestone and demand that they change your oil and filter again at no charge.

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