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June 11, 2021,

Attention Firestone:

We (Mr. &;;;;;;;;;;;; Mrs.

Dearman) came to a divine appointment to have our car serviced at 679291. We want to give our best report of Mr. Tommy. He was our first contact after speaking with Almondro.

He came out and invited my husband in to see what was going on as he analyzed our vehicle. He semed as he was geniunely concerned with us knowing exactly what was going on with the car. We have good faith in what he was saying by the way he came on as intellectually and mechanically connected to the report he was getting printed for us.

He never mentioned in this report that you have some codes and lights coming on to suggest ABS was a problem. We didnt see this light or else we would have asked about it.

We told him we just wanted to make sure what the man who sold the car said was accurate. Mr. Car seller (if needed we will bring his credentials into the matter if needed) said, I drive this car since I purchsed it and it is going to need motor mounts. Since he was honest and the car looked good othetwise, good tires, cold air blowing, and no signal lights on.

We brougt the car to the firestone for Analysis.

We talked about the getting our shopt do the work. We cold not do that because they were really busy. I tlaked my husband into letting us take it back to firestone based on the relationship of concern we thought we had with Mr. Tommy.

Ten days later June 21, we drive there in cold air and drop the car off. Upon leaving the car we were prepared to pay and rreceive the service they originally said we needed. Once they get our car we get a call back changing the work order. We think once again they are working in our favor (we are beleivers and we believe in good coming to those who do good).

So they said certain things were nto needed.

This is not a very good understanding; of why Tommy called and said Ms. Victoria had the time wrong it would take much more time to get the car done. Friday June 18, he said it would take much longer to fix the car and he would stay extra late to make sure it was fixed. He would be off the next day.

From what he said (Tommy) I felt once again oh he is sincere about making things right. So we picked the car up Monday. Considering how Mr. Tommy took the time to call and assure us he was doing all he could to do due diligence to fix car; we cant see how the mistakes or dropped balls should be costly to us.

The car was released without being checked.

If it had been checked they would have noticed the same problems we came in with a pop sound looseness. We are not sure if they did any of the work; considering they changed the scope of work after getting our car in the shop. The reason, saying they were saving us money. THE COST OF NEGLIGENCE COULD HAVE COST OUR LIVES.

We are fearful of driving the car because we brought the car in for analysis and we thought the diagnosis was accurate.

For you alls promises and assurances that could have cost our life when we brought the car back in it was referenced our bad we will make sure it test driven * Ms. Victoria I drove in around the property.

We want our car investigated to see if they properly fixed it.

And compensation for time and anxiety on thoughts of driving a car without assurance that it was properly fixed. We dont want to take this to court, but if necessary we will.

Jewerald & Cheri Dearman

User's recommendation: d.

Product or Service Mentioned: Firestone Complete Auto Care Car Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1609.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Firestone Complete Auto Care Pros: Convenience.

Firestone Complete Auto Care Cons: Lack of care toward safety of customers.

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