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We were 149 miles away from home when our coolant light came on, on our Volkswagen. We attempted to pour coolant into the coolant reservoir and immediately realized we had a coolant leak. It was a Sunday and Firestone was the only other place opened other than Sears. We explained the situation to the manager, we arrived at the store at approximately 1045AM.

The manager explained they had to do a pressure test to see where the leak was coming from, $29.99.That took an hour or so. The manager then showed us where the leak “could” be coming from. He then proceeded to do a quote on repairs, he explained that if they change one part they have to change all the others because you can’t mix aftermarket without OEM parts. I was confused because they weren’t sure where the leak was coming from so how can you quote me on work? He then continued to talk about the Firestone credit card. I then told him I want to fix what was leaking and worry about the rest when we get back home. He then offered another option, which was a tear down to see exactly where the leak was coming from, $99. We agreed to that, after the pressure test was supposed to tell them exactly where it was coming from.

We got somewhat of an answer on the leak, around 430 PM. The manager showed us pictures and diagrams which I have pictures of, he said it’s coming from the coolant pump housing. He explained it’s either the part itself, or the O-ring. He said the car wouldn’t be done that same day (we figured that much). During this time we are frantically trying to find a way back home, being Sunday at 5PM, all rental car places are closed, UBER would cost more than $100. We also looked into towing the car back home and having our family mechanic work on it, but that was over $1000. We had to leave the car, and luckily we had a family member passing through that was able to bring us home.

Monday, the manager calls and tells us the leak is actually coming from the water pump housing. He tells me all the parts that are needed and pricing and tells me it needs a coolant flush, and spits out more pricing. At this point, I am very confused. I had to ask him to email me the breakdown of everything. He said he couldn’t but he can send me a picture. He sends me the photo and it’s $1686.37.

The job says it’s supposed to be 5 hours of labor. Also, it had a charge for intake manifold of $49, and the removal and replacement of the intake manifold gasket at $190. The intake manifold on this car was replaced a few months ago with a mechanic at home. I showed our family mechanic this breakdown and he was questioning the coolant flush. We called the manager and he was able to lower the price down about $200. He kept the coolant flush there because he said it was part of the company policy.

So I agreed for them to do the work on it at $1496.37. This was a Monday. I called Tuesday, to see how the work was coming and I explained to the manager I’m going to need to purchase a train ticket to go pick up the vehicle so I need to know when it’s done, ASAP. He said “it should be done Wednesday”. I gave him a little slack and said “OK, if I get a ticket for Thursday to play it safe, it should be done”. He said “oh, yes, Thursday would be perfect”. Well, I called on Wednesday just for good measure and he says “Put it this way, my guy working on it is learning how to speak German. We have to be very careful to put all the parts and pieces back correctly.” In my mind, I’m thinking “well, no *** I don’t have to be a mechanic to understand that. He said he would call me back in an hour to get a better idea on when it’ll be done. The manager never calls me back, I call back about 2 hours later. The manager tells me, the guy is working on two vehicles, and asked to please have an extra day, and if it’s possible to pick it up on Friday.

I am finding it very hard to keep being polite at this point. However, I told the manager “fine. Friday. But it has to be done Friday, because we need a car for the weekend and I’m purchasing train tickets to get down there.” He said “no it’ll be done Friday, no problem.”

I’m leaving this review on Thursday. I haven’t picked up the car yet, but I am not feeling very confident in this place, at all. I feel like they’re taking advantage of us because we are not there, and because I am a female. This place is open from 7-6 everyday. How does a 5 hour job turn into 4 days, so far?

I purchased train tickets last night and if I get there and the car isn’t done. I am going to be very upset. I need some help on this situation. Is there anything I can do? Can someone tell me that everything they’re charging me for is correct. Please help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Firestone Complete Auto Care Car Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Worst Service Firestone
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That post reads longer than the U.S. Tax Code.

Moses nailed it in ten sentences. I can't possibly read that novel length sob story ; sorry.

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