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I was advised by an FS employee , it would be $78 for a tune up but they were really busy and I may not “ get in “ today but if I wanted to leave the car they would try. Therefore I made arrangements to drop off my vehicle with the expectation of a return no later than the next evening.

Well it was only about 5 hours later I’m called to say my vehicle is ready, but the check engine light won’t go off and that they will have to put it on the machine and that cost $.99, I clearly stated if it only a dollar go ahead. Im thinking a simple dollar based on the

“free check you get at the auto parts store.” Well.. NO again the same guy was WRONG he fail to mention the other $99. the check he made seem oh so simple was $99.99 again I would have never approved of this service at an additional $100

i get to the location and the same guy whom told me it would be $78 is now telling me that it will be $780 and that they refuse to release my vehicle regardless of how much I was “misquoted”.

The guy who misquoted me was even trying to explain to his supervisor that he did tell me that bc “ that’s what the computer told him when he “ entered my information when I initially came to price the service “ at $780 for a tune up I would have never even LOOKED at a firestone again!!

I asked the guy who quoted me and his manager to both explain how the price came about . The guy that misquoted me confirmed. With his supervisor that he did advise me that price but couldnt guarantee a time slot for today. The manager Refused to honor his employees word and advised me the most he would be able to do is half In order to get my car off the lot and my keys returned. I am a military veteran on a fixed income and this is my ONLY vehicle. i want to be reimbursed. As this was NOT A mistake of my own making. I had to pay$350 !!!! For a TUNE UP!!!!! . then the description used on the paperwork as to why the “half” was deducted was veryyyy invalid. It states “customer signed and approved work, but no does not have money to pay for the job approved using customer satisfaction to resolve issue “

I did have the money I had the $78 plus tax I was quoted. I SURE did not have the $350 WHY BC THAT WAS NEVER MY INTENTION TO PAY THAT MUCH FOR A TUNE UP AND MY CHECK ENGINE LIGHT WAS NOT ON WHEN I DROPPED IT OFF. This is beyond unfair and has left me in a very tight bind, as now I’m in debt $350 with a friend bc I needed my car for transportation to and from work on a daily bases. I should not be responsible FOR A MISTAKE CLEARLY MADE BY FIRESTONE. The other people in the waiting area heard this transaction and 2 people behind me actually walked out of the store as they too knew that I was being robbed. Not to mention I was adv this $350 had to be paid in cash!!!!!!!!!!1 I am beyond discussed with the company . and this seem very sneaky.

Product or Service Mentioned: Firestone Complete Auto Care Car Repair.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I had a bad and experience with Firestone on Glennway so far it cost me $1000 and still won't run good they just kept saying it's this I need to do something else, They are draining my very low income

Brockport, New York, United States #1226734

This has happened to me in the past and yesterday to a friend...both of us on limited income with handicapped children. Her tires on her lease had all of 13,000 miles on them...good Bridgestone tires.

Was told they all needed replacing....which would Firestone prefer...that they are known as crooks or their products are ***.

Don't fall for their low priced oil change or 24 point inspections. oh and they wouldn't give her back her tires because they're so hard to dispose of but instead charged her $20 each to dispose of them for her...nice guys, eh?

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