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I had a tire rotation done by Firestone around November 6, 2018. Took the car back the day after complained about noises under the left tire.

The car was misdiagnosed by the shop, stated something needed to be repaired " what was causing the noise". The following WK after only driving the car 2-3 times short distances, the left front tire rolled off in front of Firestone, the same shop that rotated the tires. The person that retreived the tire and lugnuts stated that my lugnuts were not put back on tightly. I had new lug nuts put on the car to see if the car was driveable after the significant body damage to the car.

Per mechanic and collision shop stated the car is driveable. And to say the least, I do not hear the same noise that I was complaint about after the tire rotation . In which FIRESTONE stated that the "bray bar broke", cost, 175.00 to repair and I did not. My car was not having those issues until I took the car in for a tire rotation.

After Firestone investigation they stated that the lugnuts on the car are the wrong ones? Well, I had them installed by the mechanic after the old lug nuts rolled off. The lugnuts on now has nothing to do with the tire rolling off. So, I was able to find a copy of my Firestone old receipt in which stated that Firestone changed lugnuts (7) and gave me a new key lock because they failed to return my old key lock.

The copy is dated 10)21/2015. So, if they are the "wrong lug nuts' Firestone put them on ( negligence again). If they are referring to the new lugnuts that were placed on after the incident, that is irrevelant The bottom line, Firestone did not put my lugnuts back on using properly tool and pressure ( Torque, 90-100 Ibs weight). They refused to take responsibility for pure negligence.

Presently waiting for a response back from The Attorney General's Office regarding the outcome. If necessary, I will file a civil law suit for property damage and pain & suffering this experience has caused me

Product or Service Mentioned: Firestone Complete Auto Care Tire Rotation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hello, we are sincerely sorry to hear about the inconvenience you have had after having your vehicle serviced at Firestone. I can only imagine how frustrating this is for you and I want to assure you that we take matters like this very seriously.

I would like to help get your concerns escalated to our upper management team to ensure this is handled accordingly. Will you please email us at with your contact information, a link to this review, and any invoice numbers related to this visit?

We value the opportunity to assist and we hope to hear back from you soon. ^Katrina


You should be able to sue them, if need be in small claims court as you seem to have good documentation for their negligence. If you don, make sure you remember to request compensation for any and all expenses pertaining to fixing the problem they created.

Good luck and, in the future, many auto dealers will rotate your tires for a reasonable charge. They might be better at this than Firestone.